Brrrandy Balls

Our neighbor gave us some cherry brandy when we moved in as a house warming gift. Hmmm, what to do with cherry brandy? A booze ball of sorts seemed in order for the season. And, I am a big fan of all things chocolately, so I found a recipe that met both requirements. These are super duper easy to make and they are quite warming on a brrrrr winter day!

I rolled the balls small, about 1 inch each, and came out with 78 of them. I rolled some of mine in powdered sugar and some of them in crushed pecans, but I prefer the taste and look of the powdered sugar, so that’s what I indicated in the recipe below. I couldn’t find plain chocolate wafers, so I bought Newman’s O’s and removed the filling. I got this recipe from the good ol’ reliable Food Network. (more…)